Design Thinking for BRANDs

Applying design thinking to brands and businesses to achieve awareness and profitability. Logo design and identity design to grow your business.

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Graphic Design

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graphic design


Process Overview

Gary McEneaney by heart is a ‘Brand’ and ‘Identity’ expert who naturally has a successful track record of proactively working in the field of visual design. Gary offers an integral creative communication service, geared towards developing your business or product.



Thoughtfully designing strategic branding touch-points for your profitable business that leads to trust and commitment from potential customers.



Developing the identity of your brand on how it looks, sounds, and emotionally feels. We subsequently support you to set your tone, personality, and positioning to design a logo and visual language that will establish your brand’s unique identity. Working alongside you and your team, we can define a detailed brand identity that will engage with your audience and produce a lasting impression.

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