Branding Brief
company / organisation / product / service name or do you require branding naming?
Can you tell us about your business: how long have you been in business? What do you sell/offer? Brand stories are an important element of branding - is there a unique story or ethos behind your business, name, or logo?
This may include a mission statement or a manifesto.
Key purpose or strong ethos.
List at least 5 examples and websites
What do they do for a living? What age group and gender do they belong to? What are their values, attitudes, interests? What do they like/dislike?
Digital Media, Word of mouth, marketing channels etc.
What three words or phrases would you use to best describe what your business delivers. Brand promise to customers.
Explain if it is an experience. Is it a product-based or service-based brand.
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For example: Soufflé - cookware brand is attractive, sustainable, handcrafted. Nike - Groundbreaking, Innovation, Sustainability, Social Impact, Diversity
Colour can help describe an emotional connection or make a statement. Common list: -BLUE: Integrity, Trust, Tranquility, Loyalty, Intelligence -GREEN: Money, Growth, Freshness, Environmental, Friendliness -YELLOW: Happiness, Originality, Energy -PURPLE: Royalty, Spirituality, Luxury -PINK: Femininity, Compassion, Playfulness -RED: Power, Strength, Passion -ORANGE: Courage, Originality, Success -WHITE: Cleanliness, Purity, Freshness -BLACK: Elegance, Drama, Strength
Please outline key media output. This can include stationery, website, product packaging, marketing collateral, and brand guidelines others. Key applications that may dictate a shape for the logo? For example, embroidered, social media exposure.
Who are the decision-makers on this project? What is the turnaround time for making a decision?
A general guide will help devise the many steps within branding. For example; logo identity only. Price structure dictates future planning -this can be other costs such as print, installation, vehicle graphics, etc. After all, brands may need to adapt to the ever-changing technologies.
Maybe, you have a brand in place but wish to create a campaign or develop a new department.
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